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Cbigs Publishing started in 2012, is a full service publishing company offering device specific solutions for Print and Digital media with Marketing head quarters in USA

An aggressive approach to business acquisition, service-driven practices, rapid response to client needs and sound management policies is our motto.

We understand the significance of E- publishing in the present.. and in the future.

The Cbigs publishing team is led by veterans with over 15 years of experience in all key areas. Our full suite of services include copy editing, indexing, XML conversion, composition and image processing. These services are offered using proven processes, powerful technologies and strict quality control.

Our Services

  • Copy Editing - At Cbigs we offer high quality editorial services with accuracy. We perform a range of editing work as per the client's requirements. The editing is facilitated by tools developed in-house. The tools also play a key role in maintaining consistency, reference styling, and structuring of the content.

  • XML - Using customized in-house conversion tools, documents of multiple formats are standardised and converted into client-specific XML files. The output XML is a validated file suitable for multiple uses. The conversion tool has been designed to generate appropriate XML from a single source file.

  • Composition and Type setting - We generate print-ready layout files using Adobe In Design, 3B2, and LaTeX. The process is automated to near 100% and requires manual work just to perfect the layout design and style. We have the expertise in handling complex mathematical equations and formulae. We also undertake redigitisation of black list journals using OCR technology.

  • Quality control - We work on the Maker Control concept, where the production staff handle QC before approving the job. Over and above this, there is an independent Quality Control team to check all important parameters before clearing the job as Fit-To-Release.

  • Indexing - Three levels of indexing are done for books in humanities and science. We work on Print PDF and Word files. A ready-to-use index file is supplied in the case of a Print PDF. When the input is a word file, the indexing words (all levels) are embedded in the supplied Word file and a separate index file is also provided.

  • eBook conversion - We convert published books to popular eBook formats like HTML,SGML,PDF,Amazon Kindle,Sony Reader,Mobipocket,PML,ePub,mobi and many more . Input can be the original applications files or the Print PDF. The style varies with each client and we render the output based on the specific requirements.

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